Stilt WErks
ripleys belive or not with stilt werks
Let me tell you a short story about this. I did not build these stilts for me to walk on. When the person I did build them for backed out of the show, the Ripleys people looked at me as if to say, "Hey you've been on our show before; why don't you do it?" Well thats like having the song writer sing the song. When they were deciding to possibly pull the plug on the show, I was about to lose 10K in Carbon Fiber so ... I said OK. They gave me three weeks to practice for the show. When I got to the Fremont Street for the filming, we set up so that if I fell, I would hit a casino to the front, or a casino to the back, or drunks to the right or drunks to the left. The beautiful part of TV editing is that they can make it look like I took 20 steps in a matter of minutes, but the real deal is that it was a 40 minute ordeal.
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