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The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, what else needs to be said? Jay was incredibly cool and down to earth. The story behind this is that the show is taped live and there were three of us on the show that night for the “Don’t Try This at Home,” segment. The gag was originally supposed to be “Don’t Flip Over Your Granny and Her Cactus Collection.“ Now the problem with the segment was that the stunt Granny never showed up. So I jumped over the cactus a couple times, but it was lackluster at best. The Line producer, Steve, said not to worry that they would think of something. About 5 minutes before the show Steve sticks in his head and says “We’re just going to have you flip over Jay!” BAM he’s gone. Now I am sweating BB’s and so I’m scheduled to be the third person to appear. Now keep in mind, no practice suppose to go third and scared to flip over a Billionaire on one of the most popular LIVE shows on TV. Steve sticks his head back in and says, “Jeff were gonna have you go first” BAM like a shot-gone. Now I’m really scared. It worked out great though. The flip isn’t the hard part in flipping over people; it’s the set bounces before the flip. Now NBC Studios is a small stage so I had to miss the lights and not fall off the slick wooded stage. I flew back to Vegas that early evening and we watched the show that night. The video says the rest.
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Jeff Jay on Velocity Stilts