Stilt WErks



Jeffrey T Jay, the proprietor of Stiltwerks Inc., has designed and engineered a product that he feels will change the face or 'feet" of stilt walking.

The carefully engineered design is created with not only entertainment value in mind but the safety and longevity of the artist performing on the stilts. In the quest for the creation of a superior product Stiltwerks Inc. has reviewed the designs of many different stilts, surveyed the opinions of numerous stilt performers, consulted with structural engineers, prosthetic limb designers and metal fabricators.

Stiltwerks Inc. believes that the "Jaywalkers " will revolutionize the way you walk on stilts. These ultra light stilts are designed with increased control in mind. "Jaywalkers" are able to tread on most any terrain, allow you to jump vertically, dance, climb stairs, free stand in one spot without swaying in order to keep your balance.

The V2 Jumping Stilt are designed first and foremost for FUN. Some of the added benefits are endurance, stronger core through conditioning and weight loss



Jeff Jay and Henry Holloway at the TV show FUTURE OF...


Stiltwerks Annual Bock Off.

Come be part of the first SABO, the first and most extreme jumping stilts Competition ever!!!!!