Stilt WErks
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Duke university Stilt
Figure3. Variation in tip displacement, D, per 1000 pounds of tip force, R with Poisson ratio nu, for d=2,4,6 and 8 inches, and l= 11.5 inches. Note that this analysis does not fully explain the extraordinary stiffness of the test articles.

6 Conclusion and Recommendation

            Four test articles representing components of articulated stilts were tested in the Structure and Mechanics Laboratories of Duke University. The four test articles differed in bolt size (1/4-20 or 5/16-18), length (24 inch or 27 inch), and quantity of infill, (+/- 4.2 inch, +/- 5.0 inch, +/- 3.2 inch, or +/- 7.0 inch). All components were tested to a deformation of 1.5 inches and a load of 1600 pounds. This level of loading and deformation produces no damage to the test articles. Testing and analyzing indicates that these four test articles could have sustained substantially more loading without incurring damage.

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